Wellington Hall

Wellington Community Hall and Kitchen operated and maintained by the Wellington Community Association

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About the Wellington Community Association


The Wellington Community Association

The object of the Wellington Community Association is "to maintain and operate the Wellington Hall for the full benefit of the community at large, and each and every resident of Wellington. "   The Association consists entirely of residents from Wellington, with any resident of Wellington whom has reached the age of 19 being eligible to become a member.  Membership costs $1, and new members are allowed to vote after 30 days.  While some residents may join the Association simply to show support, in general members should be willing to attend some meetings and sit on a committee. In general members usually join the Association because they want to see the Hall continue to support Wellington Community and Social groups, or because they live in Wellington and are a member of one of the groups using the Hall and wish to help in the Hall's operation.

A Brief History of the Wellington Community Association

Prior to incorporating as a society, the Wellington Community Association had existed and operated under several other names, most notably in the late 1940s it was called "The Wellington Club."  It was the Wellington Club and its members who donated the land and supplies to build the Wellington Hall. After the Hall was built it became apparent that a formal society was needed to maintain and operate it, so the "Wellington Community Association" was incorporated in 1952 and continues to operate the hall.

Non-political Community Association

With the Association's object as maintaining and operating the Wellington Hall, it necessarily restricts its focus to the hall.  This means that the Association, generally, is not "active" in community planning, politics or other forums where community associations and neighbourhood groups tend to be active.    While the Association itself is not "active," it and its members are not disinterested.  Community Association members are often volunteers in other organizations, with a large percentage of them serving with Wellington Action Committees, the Wellington Recreation Commission, politics, Guides or Scouts.  The Association appreciates the efforts of the other community groups to better the Wellington community and appreciates being kept informed of their activities and being consulted when neighbourhood improvements or changes are being proposed or undertaken.

Contact The Association

Wellington Community Assocation

Tel: 250-758-9812
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