Wellington Hall

Wellington Community Hall and Kitchen operated and maintained by the Wellington Community Association

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Rental Information

The Halls' Rental information


Currently the hall is available for rentals on Weekends, and on some weekdays.  The hall can be separated into two sides by 3 large double doors or open them up to create one big hall. The main hall has the stage and there is the meeting hall on the other side.  Contact us for more details.

Advance Booking

Events can be booked up to a year in advance.  Neighbourhood and community use bookings are given priority, as are repeat renters in good standing.  Booking early is better.


A $250 damage deposit is required for all rental bookings without alcohol and $300 with alcohol.  The damage deposit requirement is doubled for some types of events. (i.e. Ticketed events with alcohol, etc.)


Rates vary depending on the day, time and type of event. Please see the rental rates page.


Any event with alcohol being served is considered a social event, and social event rental rates apply.

For events which are serving liquor, the renters must purchase:

  • Special Occasion License" (from a liquor distribution branch) and,
  • Special Event Liability Insurance for an event which has alcohol (from an insurance company).
  • Special Occasion License

    The Liquor Control and Licensing Regulation sets the rates for Special Occasion licenses.

    • for some special types of events, other licensing fees may apply.

    You can get a Special Occasion license from your local BC Government Liquor store.  Please see the Liquor Control and Licensing Government branch website for more information on Special Occasion licenses.

    The hall cannot be used for some types of events, such as stags or bachelorettes, as these can legally only be held in a private residence or in a licensed establishment.

    Special Event with Liquor Liability Insurance

    Insurance companies sell "event" insurance for events with liquor, and without.  Please see your insurance agent for more information and rates.

    The Insurance Bureau of Canada has some information on the Liquor liability portion of event insurance, as well as advice on how to reduce risks.  Please read this if you are planning an event with liquor.


    All rentals are required to clean up after themselves and a cleaning agreement forms part of the rental agreement.   If a rental fails to properly clean up after themselves, the cost of cleaning is deducted from the damage deposit.  The cleaning list is part of the rental agreement.

    Rental Agreement

    All renters must read and sign a rental agreement with the Wellington Community Association before using the hall.