Wellington Action Committee

... supporting community and heritage in the Wellington Neighbourhood

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About Us

The Wellington Action Committee

The Wellington Action Committee is a neighbourhood association which trys to improve the Wellington neighbourhood of Nanaimo through a combination of neighbourhood projects, cultural promotion, and interactions with other community groups, governments and other organizations.


History of Wellington Action Committees

The current Wellington Action Committee was inspired by neighbourhood infrastructure which was built by, or because of, the efforts of either the Wellington Community Association, or past Wellington Action Committees.  Wellington has a strong history of neighbourhood and community driven projects, with the Wellington Athletics(sports) park, Wellington Hall, Norwell Pedestrian overpass, and Loudon Park washrooms all being examples of the lasting contributions of past neighbourhood driven projects which were initiated by and realized through the efforts of Wellington residents.

While past Wellington Action committees usually focused on a single project such as building the Centennial building at Loudon park, or getting the government to build a Pedestrian Overpass across the highway, the current Wellington Action Committee has adopted a wider and more sustained role in the neighbourhood.  This larger role is driven by interests of the members,  whom have identified many projects and roles which they are willing to spend their time supporting.


Relationship to Other Neighbourhood Groups

The Wellington Action Committee is not the only community group in the Wellington Neighbourhood and the role of the Wellington Action Committee is to support and complement the other community groups by working on projects or improving the neighbourhood in ways which fall outside the mandate of the other community groups.

In Wellington, there are two principle groups with whom the Wellington Action Committee interacts:

  • Wellington Community Association
  • Mount Benson Elementary School Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Wellington Community Association

The Wellington Community Association focuses its efforts on the maintenance and operation of the Wellington Hall for the use of neighbourhood groups such as the Girl Guides of Canada, Wellington Units: Sparks, Brownies, Pathfinders, and the Wellington Leisure Timer carpet bowlers.  It is a non-profit association which dates back to at least 1945 when it was called the "Wellington Club."  Over the years when new projects came up, and "action committees" were formed to do the projects, the core members were always members of the Wellington Community Association.


Mount Benson Elementary School Liason Committee / PAC

The Wellington Neighbourhood is roughly defined as the catchment for Wellington's Elementary school, Mount Benson.  Its school site has served the Wellington Community since the creation of Wellington in the early 1870s and the school has been at the centre of the Wellington community socially and geographically ever since.  Over the years it has always had a PTA, SLC or PAC depending on what the government or educators of the day wanted to refer to it as.  These parent groups always focused on issues related to school aged students and did not complicate their organization's role by taking on broader community issues.


Wellington Community Group Interaction

While the operations of the School Parent committees and the Community Hall usually only impacted the facilities these groups were supporting, the Wellington Action Committee's efforts were designed to benefit the neighbourhood as a whole.  Because of this global impact, the Wellington Action committee provides regular updates to both the school parent group, and to the Community Association.  The Wellington Action Committee will only work on projects which have the support of both of these neighbourhood groups.  The WAC is the coordinating Neighbourhood association for Wellington.